Jennifer Redelle Carey is a writer, creativity coach, inspirational speaker, geek, and SoCal native. She was born into the geek lifestyle, having a father who owned a comic book store before she was born. At age 11, she came upon Shadowcat’s card in the Marvel Universe Series 2 trading card series and was struck with a compulsion: she needed to read everything associated with Kitty Pryde. Thanks to her comic book loving dad, she was able to read all of Kitty’s comics, as well as a lot more (around 700 issues of X-Men and comics set in the same universe.) As of 2018, Jennifer has been to San Diego Comic Con 22 times. Around 2006, thanks to SQuire Rushnell Jennifer became aware of the Law of Attraction and synchronicity–Ask and Receive. She uses these tools to help others make their dreams come true.